Insights from the Teach the 1K Workshop

Our second, and main event, the Teach the 1K Workshop at Orbital on February 8, 2019. Photo by Nikki Sylianteng

Friends, Backers & (for probably the first time ever) Orbital Members, Orbital Studios Alumni and SVA IxD Alums all in the same room.

Essentially, this is why Orbital Studios exists.

Selected slides (published with consent) from a subset of our members’ collective 2019 State of the Orbital talks. Thanks to our speakers for sharing updates: Archie Archambault, Katie Smillie, Michael Grinich, Bailey Richardson, Ida Benedetto, Kevin Huynh, Nikki Sylianteng, Amy Reeder, Andrew Badr, Casey Gollan, Christina Xu, Cole Krumbholz, Jeremy Canfield, KC Oh, Alex Fisk, Anne Libby, Ben Smyth, Chris Choyce, Edlyn Yuen, JB Rubinovitz, Labib Rahman, Marc Brown, Randy Brown & Kirk Fernandes, Cordelia Yu, and LiJia Gong.

How to check-in with your friends, colleagues (and yourself)

  • what they’ve been working on over the past six months
  • what they’ve learned
  • how they’re doing
  • and what’s coming up next for the rest of the year.

Join us for Teach the 1K, a free one-day workshop for entrepreneurship educators and activators on February 8th, 2019 in New York City.

Lessons Learned from the $1K Challenge

From Tony Chu’s Fail in Public, 2012

Christina Xu leading the students through an ideation exercise early in the semester.

Gary Chou

Fun guy @orbitalnyc

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